5 Creative Ways to Blur the Line Between Health and Entertainment

5 Creative Ways to Blur the Line Between Health and Entertainment

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2018)

Today, everything from diet, sleep, exercise, work and even social interactions have a healthy twist to them. Health-conscious products and media have never been bigger or more important to focus on. However, with the right technological innovation, it is still possible to help people stay healthy and have fun while doing it.

Wellness applications

There has been an influx of apps and software which helps people record and keep track of their wellness goals. While all the applications serve the primary role of helping you stay healthy, you will feel more inclined to go for the application that lets you have fun while at it. App developers are coming up with ways of combining workout with music and other sound effects which have an entertaining or calming effect on you as you sweat it out on the treadmill.

Health and wellness content

There is a lot of content out there on health and wellness. When you need facts, you should consult with professional medical content providers. However, if you need content such as weight loss recipes, there will be no harm if you subscribe to health and wellness content outlets that spice up their health advice with entertaining anecdotes and other fun activities. Creation of this content gives that differentiation that will make consumers choose one product over another. You can find health and wellness content in all kinds of places, like BeFiT on Youtube, ASEA on Roku, and podcasts like Fat Burning Man with Abel James.

Fun wellness activities

If you are going to the gym to run on the good old treadmill five days a week, the routine will become quite repetitive and even mundane. However, if you spice up your routine with a tailor-made Zumba class on some days, step aerobics with music accompaniment on other days, and HIIT applications which have your best pop music, your workout will be like entertainment all the time.

Fitness applications based on video games

Video games are a favorite way of passing time for many people. If you want to get people moving and actually burn calories and stay fit, there is no better way to design a fitness app than basing it on popular video games. Have a series of tasks that the person has to accomplish, based on popular video games.

Fitness calendars

Today’s consumer hates prescription. They want to do it in their own terms. When creating applications such as fitness calendars, you have to base it on fun rewards when a goal is achieved to keep it entertaining.

There is a lot that developers can do to keep the entertainment factor in health and wellness. The most important thing is to ensure all activities keep the user focused on their wellness goal.