Best coconut oil products to assist with weight loss

For ages, coconut has remained as a matter of talk to bestow people with holistic health. Using it in your daily diet means improved digestion, better skin, better immunity levels and all good things that you can imagine. However, its maximum benefits can only be experienced when you use a product that’s free from contamination.

You might be wondering where you should go to get the best one. Let’s make things easier for you. Here is the quick list of the “best coconut oil products to help with your health and weight loss.” Check out now:


Coconut oil for weight loss


1. Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

When it comes to the best of best coconut oils in the market, Viva Labs steals the show. Its organic extra virgin coconut oil comes from the land of Philippines, known for its quality coconuts.

Endowed with the goodness of nature, its volcanic soil produces excellent quality coconuts that are cold-pressed preserving its potent nutrients.

No heat is generated during its extraction that helps in maintaining its anti-oxidants as they are in raw form. Having a 2-3 spoonful of such a quality product in a day brings fantastic health benefits and weight loss that you will appreciate.

2. Hamilton Healthcare Cold-pressed Coconut Oil

Looking for a coconut oil certified by USDA? It’s Hamilton Healthcare Cold-pressed Coconut Oil that you should go for.

It’s a leading brand in the US for its quality coconut oils that contain 62% of MCTs to give you the best results.

If you are aiming for weight loss, this product could accelerate the fat loss process. It’s cold pressed technique maintains the nutrient and flavor of the coconut oil in its raw form.

Using it for a few weeks could reveal you the positive impacts of a healthy weight management.

3. Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

With lots of positive online reviews, Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the Best coconut oil products to help with your health and weight loss.

Cook with it or mix it in your coffee, this virgin coconut oil is an excellent addition to tour weight loss program. Whether applied to the skin or consumed with your food, it never misses out to show its positive impact on health.

4. Island Fresh Coconut Oil

Another organic product worth your attention is Island Fresh Coconut Oil. It is virgin cold-pressed coconut oil that retains the all good properties of coconut.

This is also a certified organic product that’s perfect for use in your hair for nourishment. Its high levels of MCT manages weight, improves focus and metabolism.


Coconut is blessed with the goodness of MCTs which digest quickly and don’t add to your weight like other saturated fats. But, having a right product is important so that you experience the best results.

The list of coconut oil mentioned here is chosen after carefully reviewing the products online based on their popularity, reviews, and the extraction mode.

You don’t have to put your time and energy to find the right coconut product because they are all already on the list. Make a good use of them and experience the excellent health like never before.