Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2018)

According to the most recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, obesity prevalence in the country has reached 39.6 percent, which translates to 100 million Americans. This is an alarming trend which cuts across all the age groups, ethnicities, and other demographics. One is considered overweight if their body mass index (BMI)exceeds 25, and obese when their BMI goes beyond 30. If you have gained a number of extra pounds and have been trying to lose them and get back in shape, but without success, you need to examine some of the dietary and lifestyle choices that could be hindering your weight loss.

Weight loss starts in the kitchen

This statement has been repeated so much that it has almost lost meaning. However, it is true that diet contributes 75 percent to weight loss while exercise takes up the other 25 percent. The mistakes people make include over-rewarding themselves after working out, and being careless about their diet because they are working out. If you want to lose weight and stay healthy, you have to make a total lifestyle change. Diets which help include low fat, low carb and vegan diets. Vegan diets are great for weight loss because meat, eggs and dairy products, which make up most of the calorie bulk in typical diets, are eliminated.

Smoking substance abuse and weight loss

This is one of the unhealthy habits that most people find most challenging to ditch. However, there are two ways in which it leads to weight gain. The first is that it leads to the excessive storage of abdominal fat, which could lead to the failure of abdominal organs. The second is that it affects your capacity to exercise effectively and as a result, you cannot burn as many calories through cardio. Nicotine addiction, as any substance use disorder, is a chronic relapsing brain disease of the reward pathway rewiring. Addiction is characterized by dependence, tolerance, and withdrawal, and has genetic predisposition as well as gender differences. This is why it is important to be evaluated and treated by a specialist in order to achieve the best results.

Quit alcohol

A lot of people do not realize that alcohol has a very high-calorie content. For instance, if you take two glasses of wine with your dinner, you add 200 calories to your diet. If you cannot cut alcohol completely out of your diet, it is useful to try at least and reduce the intake.

The relationship between smoking, substance abuse, and weight loss is that tobacco and alcohol play a huge role in derailing your weight loss progress. When the body is full of toxins from cigarette smoke and alcohol, the organs cannot function properly, and metabolism slows down. A total life change will help you attain your weight loss goals faster and in a healthier way. For more tips on diet changes and healthy alternatives for losing weight, check out our blog.


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