Weight Loss Techniques From Around the Globe

Weight Loss Techniques From Around the Globe

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2018)

The varying and eclectic cultures of the world each offer something different when it comes to weight-loss secrets. From more mindful eating habits to better choices in portion control, each culture contributes a unique perspective to staying slim. Incorporating some of these ideas into your daily routine will provide a boost to your diet. Here are eleven of the best secrets and weight-loss techniques from all around the world.


As one of the most popular forms of exercise in India, yoga delivers a host of physical, mental and emotional benefits. Although it does not have a reputation as a big calorie buster, yoga is great at building muscle. More muscle mass leads to a higher rate of caloric burn even while the body is at rest. Yoga also encourages a spirit of mindfulness, which helps people to understand when they are full.


People in Mexico are in the habit of making the midday meal the biggest one of the day. Most Americans ingest the largest amount of calories at night and go to bed full. It is a better idea to take in the bulk of your calories at breakfast and lunch when you are more likely to be able to burn them off prior to resting.


Traditional Eastern medicine is highly regarded for its effective weight-management techniques. Massage and cupping are popular methods employed to help people meet their weight loss goals. Absolute Wellness says that acupuncture treatments “stimulate blood and lymph circulation, improve circulatory and metabolic function, and ultimately assist in weight loss.”

United Kingdom

Unlike Americans, the British people do not have an obsession with large portions of food. The supersize craze in America is not even an option in the United Kingdom where small portions are the norm.

South Africa

As avid connoisseurs of rooibos tea, South Africans enjoy the health benefits of this cleansing beverage. According to Rooibus Rocks, “More than 300 years ago, locals first discovered that the needle-like leaves of the Rooibos plant made a refreshing brew, and the rest they say is history.” The high level of antioxidants and minerals found in the natural tea leaf work to deliver a number of nutritional benefits to the body. The fat-burning abilities of the body are amplified through the catechins present in the tea.


With a large Muslim population, residents of Indonesia often undergo periods of fasting due to religious practices. With periodic times of not eating or drinking from dusk until dawn, the body is given time to reset and burn more calories.


Ah, the French life. The French are known for their long and leisurely meals where they take the time to eat slowly, savor flavors and enjoy the company of others. They make conversation and socializing at mealtime more important than merely putting food in your body. Despite regularly enjoying rich cheeses, fresh baguettes, and delicious local wine, the French manage to remain one of the fittest societies in the world. This achievement is in large part due to their cultural norm of slowing down to enjoy the meal.


Although many countries use fresh parsley strictly as a garnish, the Turkish people use this herb as a weight-loss tool. People in Turkey like to chop it finely and then steep it in a cup of hot water before sipping. The warm beverage is believed to function as a diuretic, working to excrete excess water and fluid to aid in weight-management efforts.


The Japanese make miso soup a regular part of every meal, including breakfast. When consumed at the beginning of a meal, this broth-based soup helps you to feel fuller for longer, enabling you to regulate your caloric intake for the day.


A heavy reliance on fresh fish makes the people of Sweden among the healthiest in the world. Because seafood is lower in calories than most other protein sources, the Swedish people are able to fulfill their protein requirements without consuming as many calories.


The American Heart Association describes the Mediterranean Diet as “a generic term based on the typical eating habits in the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea,” and says that “These diets have similarities to the American Heart Association’s dietary recommendations.” Its focus on fresh fish, lean proteins, olives, healthy oils and nuts lends itself to slow and steady weight loss. Because the Greek people rely on so many fresh herbs and spices in their foods, the meals are so full of flavor that you do not feel deprived when you cut back on fat and calories.

By employing some of these globally recognized weight-loss and weight-management methods, you can work to boost your metabolism in a natural and healthy way.

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